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milan fashion week

Last year, we saw fashion week in the form of extolling collection as the ultimate in no-brainer outfits, designers seemed to be exhausting of them. There was versatility of separates on the runways every often. Today’s designers have been working too hard to make their creations that seem innovative, simple, fresh, and easy to wear. Even prominent designers like Victoria Beckham think twice before finalizing the combination; she says sorting out which bottom goes with which top can need quite a lot of analyzing.

milan fashion week

After New York and London, here is Milan where designers have come up with a beautiful result in which costumes look like separates but are in fact well turned-out outfits.  Looks like there is nothing impossible for designers; yes, the rigidity in creating the non-flexible dresses combined with tricky layering in order to make it look like separate pieces says all the efforts of designers.

The ingenuity of few multi-colored pieces is impressive; the designer Christopher Kane has created a simple looking mini dress with press studs and flaps that can be repositioned to make useful pockets. Another positive impact of all these designs is more compliant and lighter fabrics. D&G’s high waist-line skirts looked graceful, not heavy or bulky. Layers and lace worn over slip costumes at Moschino diffused the patterns and shades underneath. Agona’s reversible coats are lighter in weight than a baby’s scarf, yet luxurious. Luxury has become the latest sensation everywhere; Italian manufacturers are once again coming with their designers after the growth of Chinese manufacturers in the form of cashmere coats, raffia embroidery, and less wedge shoes; the skirt lengths are usually lowered alongside necklines, thigh, and cleavage.

Prada: The designer Miuccia Prada segued into sandal platforms, offering geisha shoes; she put Japanese inspired plastic flowers on majority of the designs, from school girl dresses, sunglasses, and furs to bags.

Etro: It displayed Grecian inspired one-shoulder gowns, city chic culotte’s suits, poncho handkerchief tops, Ibiza Town floaty dresses, and Indian party wear dresses. The floral prints worked well in Veronica Etro collections.

Moschino: It showed beehive, boxy shaped, metallic mini dresses and most of them are available in white and black shades. As usual, it featured beautifully made A-line, stripes, plastic flowers, trousers, and classic dresses.

Jai Sander: Ms. Sander has always brought minimalism to be unique and her sophistication simplicity has reached on the high street since 8 years in this fashion world. The simple tulip skirts, raglan sleeves, pinafore dresses, and loose jackets were quite impressive.


fashion business

Fashion is one thing that everybody likes. This industry is one such field where the opportunities are huge for a simple person who has the desire to work hard along with creative logic. And here fashion designers play the most important role because these people are responsible for everything that is related to the success of a product.

It’s the dream for many to be a successful fashion designer and for this you must work day and night on your designs – in most cases, for many years without pay.

fashion business

Famous fashion designers work with full dedication and always they think about their designs. They are very passionate about their work.  Design to your best because success isn’t written in any particular form.

In getting your design wear, here are few things you can do

  1. All of us are not complete with all sorts of skills; so if you are lacking in any skills then you must partner with someone who knows the other part that you are weak. It will produce a proper product.
  2. You can apply for local fashion week. In the USA, there are several fashion weeks organized in different places all through the year. Exhibit your designed clothes there and get them to know your potential.
  3. Many city night clubs hold fashion shows. Find out about the night clubs that hold fashion shows and contact them to how you can be a part of an upcoming show.
  4. Locate fashion boutiques that cater to fashions that you design. First, make a trip to the stores to look around. If you see your clothes fitting well with the store, then go to the owner and ask if they are willing to have some of your fashions offered for sale in their store. By having your fashions displayed, you will receive valuable insights as to whether or not your designs are in demand to increase sales. It will also give you free exposure to the public.

If you are struggling to create your fashion due to lack of capital then use connections to fund your projects. You can visit different websites and ask for help after displaying your fashions.

Always remember that fashion industry is not static, but it changes every time. So, keep yourself updated and remember that nothing is final – there is always a scope for improvement.

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